Some guff on the ‘big idea’

Lounge room looking north

Gilead northern elevation

Tree ferns in the courtyard

So yeah, this may give the reader a better idea of how the house is laid out. We have designed the home using the principles of ‘passive solar heating’ as a guide or rule and then filled out the aesthetics and practical function of the building around it.

Gilead is essentially a post and beam home with exposed trusses throughout.

It has been clad with a locally milled hardwood ship-lap giving the house a contemporary Australian feel.

It  has a central courtyard to allow the home a ‘second north’. We are hoping this space will also act as a lung for the house, keeping the ambient temperature modulated with a naturally controlled green space as well as providing a lush outside room to enjoy all year round.

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WestStone, timber and the azure blue sky of a Granite Belt summer.

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OK here we go

So armed with my Iphone and a limited knowlege of backend tech I will try to get the show on the road. Proper intro’s and the who, what, how’s and where’s to follow.courtyard

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